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Natural Hazards Monitoring - 8 September, 2021




On 7 September, the Mexico National Seismological Service reported a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, inGuerrero State at a depth of 10 km with its epicenter at11km from the coastal city of Acapulco. According to media, one fatality was reported in Coyuca de Benítex, Guerrero, and there are no other reports of major injuries or fatalities. In addition to the structural damage was reported in Acapulco, a total of 1,864,616 people were left without electricity in Mexico City, Mexico State, Guerrero, Morelos, and Oaxaca. The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE, per its acronym in Spanish) has restored electricity to 60% of those affected. Since the initial earthquake, 150 aftershocks have been recorded across the region. The reports are available at: Sismologico Nacional and Infobae.

Severe Weather

Guatemala (Update)

On 7 September, the Guatemala National Coordination System for Disaster Reduction (CONRED as per its acronym in Spanish) reported landslides and flooding caused by the raining season that impacted the Departments of Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapaz, and Retalhuleu. Among the landslides, One was reported in Chimulac village, Chisec, Alta Verapaz, and one was reported in Xeul Canchel village, Cubulco, Baja Verapaz. While flooding was reported in the Agraria El Carmen Community in San Andrés Villa Seca, Retalhuleu. Overall, a total 80 persons were considered at risk, 32 persons were directly affected, and an additional69 persons were evacuated. According to the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (EDAN~,~ as per its acronym in Spanish) 17 houses were reported at risk ~and~ while another 8 sustained moderate to severe damage. Since the beginning of the 2021 rainy season CONRED has attended 696 weather related incidents nationwide affecting 1,170,426 persons. Finally, a total of 3,456 homes have sustained slight (1,213), moderate (2,132), and severe (111) damage. The report is available at: CONRED.


On 8 September, the Peru National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI~,~ as per its acronym in Spanish) reported strong winds that affected homes in the surroundings of Villa Oyón, Los Alpes, Alto Cacazu and San Antonio, in the native community of Ñagazu and the town center of Puente Paucartambo, Villa Rica district, Oxapampa province, Pasco department. According to the preliminary Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (EDAN as per its acronym in Spanish) a total of 500 persons were affected and 100 homes sustained damages. The INDECI is coordinating with the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN asper its acronym in Spanish) and local authorities to continue monitoring the situation. The report is available at: INDECI.

Tropical Depression Ida

United States of America (Update)

On 8 September, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided an update ~of~regarding the impact of Tropical Depression Ida. In Louisiana, 223 Boil Water Advisories are in effect impacting 585,000 persons, while 43 water system outages have affected another 62,000 persons. Additionally in the State, a total of 353,000 persons remain without power while 1,584 are currently housed in the 15 shelters that remain open. Energy in New Orleans East and Orleans Parish is expected to be restored today. while full restoration to the heavily impacted areas is predicted between 29 and 30September. In New Jersey, a total of 28 persons are sheltered in 1 congregate shelter and 1 nursing home and 1 assisted living facility were evacuated due to flooding. In New York 1 congregate shelter has 36 occupants and 11 non congregate shelters house 16 persons, and 3 medical facilities were impacted by flash flooding events, however, no evacuations were needed. The report is available at: FEMA.


United States of America (Update)

On 8 September, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provided an update on several wildfires occurring on the West Coast of the country. In Chelan, Washington State, the Twenty-Five Mile Fire has burned a total of 17,864 acres and is 40% contained. A total of 688 houses have been threatened by the fire and 2 were destroyed. Overall, a total of 19 injuries due to the fire have been reported. In California, ~t~he Caldor Fire in El Dorado, has burned 217,007 acres and is 50% contained. Currently 10,970 residents are under mandatory evacuation orders, 23,691 houses have been threatened, 51 have been damaged, and 776 have been destroyed. There are 13 congregate shelters with 163 occupants and 7 non-congregate shelters with 13 occupants across the States of California and Nevada. A total of1,597 persons remain without power in El Dorado County and 7 persons have been injured by the fire. The report is available at: FEMA.