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Natural Hazards Monitoring - 6 July 2021

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Hurricane Elsa

United States

On 6 July, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported that Hurricane Elsa has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm and will make landfall on the western shore of Florida on Wednesday 7 July, but Tropical Storm conditions are predicted to begin in the evening of 6 July. Wind speeds of up to 66 miles per hour and 2-6 inches of rain are anticipated. The area is currently under a State of Emergency. The report is available at: FEMA.

Severe Weather


On 5 July, the Guatemala National Coordination System for Disaster Reduction (CONRED, per its acronym in Spanish) reported that since the rainy season began, 587,868 people have been affected by various weather events; 5,106 people have been evacuated including 343 of which have been placed in temporary shelters; 2 people have been injured; and 7 people have died. Regarding damages, 46 homes are currently at risk, 465 homes have sustained mild damages, 963 homes have sustained moderate damage, and 59 homes have sustained severe damage. In total, there have been 86 affected roads including 2 of which have been destroyed, and 11 affected bridges including 3 of which have been destroyed. The report is available at: CONRED.


Heat Wave


On 3 July, media reported a heatwave with temperatures up to 49.6 degrees Celsius in British Columbia, Canada, that has possibly killed approximately 500 people. In addition, the excess heat has caused forest fires and floods in the western region of the country as a direct consequence of the ongoing climate crisis. There are currently 176 active forest fires, 70% of which were caused by lightning strikes in combination with dry conditions. One fire has destroyed 90% of buildings in Lytton, B.C; local authorities are working on locating 1,000 missing residents. The reports are available at: El Siglo.

Hurricane Elsa

**Barbados, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Saint Lucia **

On 5 July, media reported the passage of Hurricane Elsa through the Caribbean that has caused three deaths in Soufrière, Saint Lucia, and two deaths in the Dominican Republic. No deaths or injuries have been reported in Haiti, although agriculture has been affected with damaged avocado, corn, and banana crops. In Barbados, Hurricane Elsa caused many collapsed and damaged roofs and there have been cuts to water and electrical services. Jamaica underwent severe flooding, and several cities were completely cut off due to damaged roads. In Cuba, 70,000 people residing in the lowlands of the country were preventatively evacuated. Of the evacuees, 23,000 were sheltered in evacuation centers and 400 residents of the mountainous areas of Manuel Tames Municipality were sheltered in natural caves equipped for natural disasters. Additionally, 23 specialized centers were opened specifically to receive 1,298 residents, with suspected cases of COVID-19 to be isolated. The reports are available at: Escambray and El Nuevodia.