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Natural Hazards Monitoring - 22 June 2021

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Severe Weather


On 21 June, the Guatemala National Coordinating System for Disaster Reduction (CONRED, per its acronym in Spanish), reported 22 weather related incidents between 19-20 June that caused floods, strong winds, and landslides and affected 96,370 people. The most affected departments were Alta Verapaz, Chiquimula, Huehuetenango, Izabal, Jalapa, Jutiapa, Quetzaltenango, Quiché, San Marcos, Suchitepéquez and Zacapa. A total of 189 people have been evacuated, 58 of which have been sheltered, 21 remain in risky conditions. Preliminary damage assessments have reported 88 homes sustained between slight to severe damages and 4 homes are currently at risk. Of the total 191 incidents that have occurred during this rainy season, 65 were floods, 35 were landslides, 29 are associated with strong winds, 27 are associated with structural collapses, 18 were landslides, and 11 were gradual settling or sudden sinking of the ground. The departments with the highest record of incidents during the current season have been Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, Sololá, Huehuetenango, Suchitepéquez, and Quetzaltenango. The report is available at: CONRED


** Severe Weather**


On 22 June, media reported heavy rains in the city of Medellín, Antioquia affecting 89 people with 1 person missing. A landslide in the Villahermosa commune affected 13 homes and 35 people, causing a temporary evacuation to the area until the land stabilizes. In the Suramericana sector a large tree reportedly injured 7 people who were treated by personnel from the Ministry of Health after it fell. The overflow of the La Limona stream in the San Antonio de Prado district affected 54 people and caused the evacuation of 19 families. No injuries were reported; however, food and belongings were lost. At the regional level, 13 municipalities in Antioquia have reported events associated with the rainy season. The municipality of Chigorodó is on red alert and the municipalities of Carolina, Gómez Plata, Santa Rosa de Osos, Nariño, Apartadó, Barbosa, and Girardota, are on orange alert due to risk of landslides. The report is available at: Infobae.