Guatemala: WFP Situation Report No. 7

1) Situation update:

Water levels are starting to descend but not rapidly, in the following rivers: Motagua, Chixoy, La Pasión and San Pedro.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited international cooperation to a meeting to inform about damages and needs in the affected zones and to announce donations to cover this emergency. UN Representatives attended the meeting and informed about use of CERF funds and about their visit to the affected area, expressing their worry due to the magnitude of the disaster.

The UN System request to CERF had as priorities health, water and sanitation, food security and agriculture for a total amount of 1.5 USD millions. Of that request USD 603,383 were approved for WFP. UN Agencies are still short of funds to assist this emergency.

In addition to CERF funds, the international community offered contributions for water and sanitation: BID (US$200,000), Taiwan (US$20,000); health services KOICA (US$50,000), Japan (US$86,667), Cuba (in kind - MDs); food security: AECID (US$70,000); sanitary kits: OFDA (US$50,000.) Italy announced that an amount up to US$2,000,000 could tentatively be requested in bilateral cooperation. CONRED and SEGEPLAN will monitor information regarding donations and send bulletins to the international community.

According to INSIVUMEH, a new cold front is affecting the country causing partial cloudiness and low temperatures that are affecting families living in improvised shelters.

2) Brief description of on-going emergencies:

A joint UN mission of 12 persons with participation by UNICEF, OCHA, UNDP, PAHO/WHO, WFP and FAO and Government of Guatemala delegates from CONRED, SEGEPLAN and Health Ministry is gathering specialized information in Petén, Alta Verapaz and Ixcan, Quiché.

Last week a WFP mission to San Luis Petén found 10 communities with a total of 292 families (1,791 persons) living in improvised shelters that had not received any assistance since the flooding occurred. These families were assisted the following day with food rations for 30 days.

An Emergency Food Security Assessment mission (EFSA) is being organized by WFP to determine conditions of food security in affected areas and implement a long term WFP intervention to benefit affected families.

Health and water sanitation issues continue to be an important concern at the moment.

3) Response/actions implemented by WFP and its counterparts:

Last week WFP provided commodities to Municipalities of Santa María, Nebaj, and Cunen in the Province of Quiché, as well as the Municipalities of Poptún and San Luis in Peten.

All rations were for 30 days and all land transport was covered with WFP funds.

From the initial days of Tropical Depression 16 to date, WFP has distributed 212.57 MT of food to attend 30,788 persons as complement to the national response.

Prepared by: Manuel Pinelo

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