Guatemala: WFP Situation Report No. 2

Situation Report
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1) Situation update

Intensive rains brought by Tropical Depression 16 caused floods in Petén, Izabal and many other places in the national territory, mainly along rivers and lowlands and numerous landslides in the highlands.

Paley, Tecpán:

In the highlands the intensive rains caused landslides that interrupted many country roads. In the community of Paley, Tecpán, in the province of Chimaltenango, the inhabitants evacuated their houses because many cracks occurred in the livelihoods and houses of the community that forced them to evacuate to the local school building.

The affected people in Paley, Tecpán, were a total of 69 families that were sheltered in the school building and did not have provisions to eat. WFP monitors coordinated with CONRED, MAGA and SESAN, and a provision of food was sent yesterday, October 18, to help this families.