Guatemala: WFP Situation Report No. 1


1) Situation update

Petén Floods:

Due to the intensive rains of this season, during the months of July and September, major floods have taken place in rivers in the north region of Guatemala, in the province of Petén, next to the border of México, that caused ample floods, almost 6 kms wide, that are affecting some 20 communities of the municipalities of Sayaxché and La Libertad and along Río Salinas and Río La Pasión.

Most of the expected crops were flooded and the products were lost. On each season the pheasants sell about 90 % of their crops and keep around 10 % for their own use, but in this occasion the loose is total and they will not have the opportunity to keep anything.

According to preliminary field evaluations, destroyed 95 percent of the crops which was ready for harvest. Agriculture Vice-Minister Edgar Grisolía reported that heavy rains this month have caused the loss of 7,750 metric tones of maize and beans. At the moment, some 1,500 families have been directly affected. Other crops that have been destroyed include rice, pumpkins and sesame seeds. Most of the food reserves in the houses were washed away and lost.