Guatemala: "Public Calamity State in 25 municipalities of Guatemala", declaration due to constant rain - UNICEF Situation Report No. 01

Situation Report
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Nature of the emergency

The climacteric characteristics presented during July caused a humidity concentration, which generated constant rain and soil humidity super saturation, which broke loose a series of landslides, mud flows and the overflows of rivers within the national territory.

In view of the events and damages caused by landslides, alluvions, crags, sand and mud flows and overflows in several municipalities, the National Co-ordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) Board and Executive Secretariat, having being constituted in an Emergency Committee, recommended declaring them in 'State of Public Calamity', under the judicial back-up provided by the Public Regulation Law (Chapter IV, Articles 14 and 15).

On July 30th, the Diario de Centromérica published the Governmental Decree No. 05-2008, where the Public Calamity State was officially declared in 25 municipalities of eight departments in the country.

The Municipalities are as follows:

Municipality Department
Cahabón, Chisec, Panzós, Cobán Alta Verapaz
Camotán, Jocotán Chiquimula
Amatitlán, Chinautla, Villa Nueva, Palencia, Guatemala, San Miguel Petapa. Guatemala
Barillas, Soloma Huehuetenango
Livingstone, Morales, Puerto Barrios, Los Amates Izabal
Ixcan Quiché
Estancuela, Gualán, La Unión, Zacapa Zacapa
Sayaxché, Poptún Petén

The "State of Public Calamity" allows the Government of Guatemala to operate and purchase without tendering processes, to limit food prices and to evacuate population.

At the same time, Institutional Red Alert was downgraded by CONRED to Orange Alert last Friday, July 25, 2008, on all the territory except in La Unión, Zacapa.