Guatemala Food Security Outlook Update September 2010

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Heavy and constant rains threaten food security

Key Messages

In early September a low pressure system caused heavy accumulated rain, which added to the heavy rains of the rainy season, leaving at least 272 people dead in the central and western region of the Highlands, with 600,766 people affected by damages to homes, crops, and roads. The government of Guatemala has maintained a State of Calamity declared after Tropical Storm Agatha and the eruption of the Pacaya volcano in late May.

In the east, the food insecurity situation has deteriorated due to the cumulative impact of last year's agricultural problems and the impact of heavy rains this year. A smaller crop than normal is expected, but the beginning of the period of high demand for unskilled labor will improve food security, with the overall level remaining at moderately food insecure.

The food and nutrition security situation in the highlands is highly vulnerable due to landslides, the loss of single harvest crops, and a decrease in tourism.