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Guatemala: Fact Sheet October 2021

Situation Report
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To date, 915 new asylum applications have been registered making it the highest number of applications Guatemala has ever received in one year. In total, there are currently 1,423 asylumseekers and 487 refugees living in Guatemala.

UNHCR and its partners conduct monitoring activities along the main border and transit areas to identify and assist persons in need of protection who are part of the mixed movements. In 2021, the National Protection Network has assisted over 47,000 individuals in transit.

Since June 2021, in the centres for returnees in Guatemala City and Tecun Uman, UNHCR has identified 837 Guatemalans with protection needs among the deportee population. In addition, 4,445 Guatemalans at risk of displacement have been identified in departments with high-out migration.


In 2021, mixed movements have increased in comparison to 2020. In the current year, UNHCR and its partners who are part of the National Protection Network have provided information, legal counselling, shelter, food, basic medical care, psychological first aid, hygiene kits, anti-COVID PPEs, telephone calls and access to Wi-Fi to over 47,000 individuals in transit, 4,600 of them were assisted in October.

At the same time, expulsions of mostly Guatemalans and Hondurans under Title 42 from the United States to Mexico and from there to Guatemala continue. Based on monitoring by UNHCR’s partners, as well as statistics received by State institutions, UNHCR estimates that since the beginning of August 2021, over 30,000 persons have been expelled to Guatemala, among them at least 541 persons with protection needs were identified. According to the Guatemalan Migration Institute, at El Ceibo border alone 18,195 mostly Hondurans have been expelled to Guatemala.