Food Security Outlook Update March 2011

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Depletion of food reserves leads to food insecurity

Key Messages

• This year the lean season will mainly be affected by the high price of maize, which is above the average for this time of year, and the high price of fuel, especially for diesel which is used to transport food.
This will particularly affect households that depend on food purchases, especially in livelihood zones 5 and 8 (Figure 3) in the eastern and western regions.

• From April, the basic grain reserves of the poor and extremely poor households in the eastern and western regions will start to run low.
The eastern region will depend on grain purchases until August/September and the western region will depend on grain purchases until December when the first harvest takes place.
Households who are already suffering from moderate food insecurity could deteriorate to high food insecurity.

• The first sowing has already started in the western region and there is no strategic plan yet for the distribution of agricultural inputs nationwide by the government. Their immediate distribution is necessary, especially in the western areas during the second week of March and in mid-April for the rest of the country.