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CrisisInSight Weekly Picks, 29 August 2019

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On Monday 26 August, new visa requirements for Venezuelans crossing the border into Ecuador came into effect. This follows similar restrictions implemented by Chile and Peru earlier this year.

The number of Venezuelans crossing into Ecuador from Colombia has been increasing since 25 July, with an average of 1,800 people crossing per day before 2 August. In the run up to the new visa requirements, this number was higher, with approximately 3,700 Venezuelans entering Ecuador per day between 3-25 August.

Most notable areas of concern may be with protection and access to basic services for those attempting to enter Ecuador without a visa.

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Within the last week, heavy rains have caused flooding and landslide events across 9 departments of Guatemala. The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) estimates that over 60,000 people have been affected. Further damages to roads, bridges, and homes have been recorded.

Simultaneously, Guatemala is experiencing an outbreak of Dengue, which could be intensified by the increase in standing water from the floods. As of August 13, over 12,000 cases of Dengue were confirmed across the country, including within the 9 departments most heavily affected by the flooding (Alta Verapaz, Chimaltenango, Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, San Marcos, Santa Rosa, Sololá, Suchitepéquez and Zacapa).

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Since early August, **Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe states have been affected by flooding associated with the annual rainy season. The full extent of the flooding is not yet clear, though at least 8,800 households (approximately 57,000 people) are thought to be affected.**

Flooding has moreover damaged or destroyed more than 400 WASH facilities,increasing the risk of an outbreak of cholera and other waterborne diseases. Shelter, food, and health have been identified as priority needs for populations residing in affected areas. As the rainy season continues, there is a significant**risk that more flooding will occur.**

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