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Central America: Dengue Outbreak Information Bulletin no. 1

Situation Report
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This bulletin is being issued for information only; it reflects the current situation and details available at the time.

The situation

According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), in the first 30 epidemiological weeks of 2019 in the Americas Region, there were 2,052,914 dengue cases (12,268 classified as severe), including 740 deaths. The number of cases reported is higher than the annual totals reported in the last two years (2017 and 2018). In 2018, there were 560,586 reported cases of dengue and 336 deaths.

PAHO has warned that this latest cycle of dengue outbreak in the region is of particularly concern because children under the age of 15 are among the most affected. Additionally, the deadliest of the four serotypes of the virus, DEN-2 is the one currently affected children and adolescents. The ten countries most affected by dengue (highest incidence) are currently: Nicaragua, Brazil, Honduras, Belize, Colombia, El Salvador, Paraguay, Guatemala, Mexico and Venezuela.

The number of cases reported is higher than the previous years but lower than annual totals during the 2015-2016 epidemic cycle.

Guatemala and Honduras have the highest Case Fatality Rate (CFR)2 in Central America so far. Official figures of severe and laboratory confirmed cases for Nicaragua are still to be confirmed.

In the last three epidemiological weeks the incidence of dengue cases in Nicaragua and Honduras has gradually increased while there is a slight increase in El Salvador and Guatemala.