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Central America and Mexico Appeal No. MAA43001 - Annual Report 2009


In brief

Programme purpose: The primary focus of the Regional Representation for Central America and Mexico in 2008 was to support the scaling-up of the efforts of National Societies in the region to develop and execute programmes in an efficient and integrated way. This in turn will promote resilient communities and a culture of prevention, while spreading the fundamental principles and humanitarian values of the Movement.

Programmes summary:

The Disaster Risk Reduction programme focused its efforts and actions on building resilience at the community level through tools, methodologies and training sessions. Efforts were also focused on strengthening National Societies in the region to respond to the most urgent necessities with the cooperation of the Centres of Reference in El Salvador and Costa Rica.

The Health and Care programme implemented successful and valuable initiatives to create a culture of prevention, especially regarding HIV and AIDS infection. Now more than ever the support to National Societies is necessary: four National Societies were launched as new members of the Global Alliance on HIV. The programme is also assisting National Societies to become stronger in the area of non-remunerated voluntary blood donation through the Club 25 initiative. The regional programme is intensifying its contribution to targeted groups through capacity-building, social mobilization, strategic alliances and awareness-raising initiatives.

The Organizational Development programme placed an emphasis on assisting National Societies to develop Strategic Plans in line with the International Federation Policies, the XVIII Inter-American Plan 20072011 and the Guayaquil Commitment. The programme has also worked extensively in promoting peer-to-peer cooperation between National Societies in the region. Moreover, the department in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross coordinated follow up actions with the Provisional Intervention Committee on the Nicaraguan National Society intervention. The regional programme has also supported the strengthening of the Regional Youth Network.

The Humanitarian Principles and Values programme, during 2008 placed an emphasis on the areas of migration, non-discrimination and anti-stigma for people living with HIV, as well as the promotion of the Red Cross humanitarian principles and values and gender policies at the community and National Society level.

Financial situation: The total 2008 budget is CHF 2,519,319 (USD 2,351,076 or EUR 1,655,258), of which CHF 93 per cent was covered during the reporting period.