Official launch of disaster vulnerability reduction project

ST. GEORGE’S GRENADA, Thursday, October 06, 2011: The Government of Grenada will later today, (Thursday, October 06, 2011), launch the Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project at the Spice Basket, Beaulieu, St. George’s, at 6:00 pm.

The project is being co-financed by the World Bank and the Climate Investment Fund to the tune of USD$26.2 million (EC$70.4M). This includes a grant of USD$8 million (EC$21.6M). The programme will be implemented over a five (5) year period

Project implementation will be coordinated through the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) in the Ministry of Finance.

This project will contribute to vulnerability and risk reduction through a combination of activities which includes:

  1. The rehabilitation and construction of the Lance and Hubble Bridges in Gouyave;

  2. Improving water storage in Chemin in Westerhall and Observatory in St. George’s to improve resilience to climate risks in the water supply system;

  3. The rehabilitation of the Holy Cross R.C. School and the St. Patrick’s Anglican school

  4. The rehabilitation of the Cadrona Home for the elderly in St. Andrew’s;

  5. Equipping the International Airport with essential equipment;

  6. Urban flood mitigation in River Road and Morne Rouge;

  7. Landslide and rockfall risk reduction in selected areas;

  8. Development of infrastructure in Beausejour and La Sagesse Communities;

  9. Strengthening NaDMA’s emergency response capability through the provision of goods and technical assistance;

  10. Strengthening capacities of public institutions to develop proper policies and plan effectively to build resilience to natural disaster; and

  11. Strengthening collaboration nationally, regionally and internationally on a wide range of climate related impact and environment issues such as coastal zone management, watershed management, building practices, legislative framework, among others.