Italian assistance for Grenada

Tuesday July 5, 2005, Castries: Yet another one of Grenada's international friends is making moves to assist the Hurricane ravaged country. On Saturday July 2nd, 2005 Prime Minister Mitchell met with a delegation from Italy as a follow up to a meeting which took place about one month ago. Last month Prime Minister Mitchell met with Italian delegates and asked them to look at special assistance to Grenada. This request was acted upon and the Italian officials reported to Prime Minister Mitchell that his request was conveyed to Government officials at the highest level in Rome and had received favourable response.

Grenada is seeking help from Italy for housing, educational development and scholarships, and technology to assist in the Caribbean Knowledge Learning Network project.

Prime Minister Mitchell told the delegates that although the Grenada Government had made tremendous strides in assisting Grenadians repair their homes there was still an enormous amount of work to be done. He told them that Grenada's people still needed lots of help and thanked them for following up on his request so speedily.

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