Grenada Red Cross sees positives three years after 'Ivan'

News and Press Release
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The Grenada Red Cross has seen positive aspects three years after hurricane Ivan devastated the island.

The National Society played a pivotal role in the recovery process from response to rehabilitation.

When asked in a recent interview about the present situation of the Red Cross should it have to face and respond to any unforeseen events, Director General Terry Charles is confident that the experience of the Ivan operation has left both human and resource capital for the organization.

This has resulted in improved capacity to respond as well as visibility throughout the tri-island state, he said.

Three years after "Ivan the Terrible", as the hurricane was dubbed, some citizens still hold haunted memories of September 7th, 2004.

Although lives have been changed forever as a result of the loss of loved ones and prized property, persons have begun to relive a new chapter with the hope that a similar episode never repeats itself - at least not in their lifetime.

There is a sense of Building Back Better, which immediately became the island's second motto following the hurricane.

Houses are constructed with more resilience to withstand stronger winds and battering rains. The threats of 2007 - like Dean - sent some waves of panic into the air but persons were better prepared: experience is the greatest teacher.