Grenada Red Cross heads to Carriacou

The Grenada Red Cross continues to reach out to those affected by Hurricane Emily, this time heading to Carriacou to distribute tarpaulins and hygiene kits.

Last Saturday the first of two planes arrived from the Pan American Disaster Relief Unit (PADRU) in Panama with a shipment of some 1600 tarpaulins, 950 hygiene kits and jerry cans.

1500 tarps, 850 hygiene kits and 75 cases of water were distributed on Sunday in St. Patrick's and St. Andrew's.

Among the communities reached included Pointzfield, Mt. Rose , River Sallee, Hermitage, Rosehill, Mt. Rich, Snell Hall, Tivoli, Seamon, Pearls, Mamma Canne, Marquis and Soubise.

The second plane arrived Monday 18 th July with tarpaulins, hygiene kits and more jerry cans. These head off to Carriacou on the Grenada Coast Guard on Tuesday morning.

A team from the Grenada Red Cross -- Health, Disaster and Logistics, will join colleagues in the Red Cross from Carriacou -- teachers and volunteers to serve the vulnerable in the most affected parts of the island.

Distribution will take place in the areas of Harvey Vale, Belmont, Six Roads and L'esterre, some of the hardest hit areas.

A PADRU delegate is on island for a few days to assist with initial assessments and set up the plan of action for the rest of the hurricane season.

The Red Cross urges persons in Carriacou to look out for the vulnerable -- help the most affected and to be their brother's keeper at this time.