Grenada: Over two hundred and counting

Wednesday June 8th 2005, St. George's: The Emergency Housing Committee is please to announce that over 200 houses have been constructed for persons in the Most Vulnerable Group, as of June 5th 203 houses were completed.

We would also like to give an update on three other programs geared towards the reconstruction effort here.

The Lacolame project, The Demonstration Village and House Construction for Middle Income Earners.

The Lacolame project is well on stream, to date, work is on going on 58 of the 130 houses scheduled for construction in that area.

35 foundation slabs have been completed while 23 houses are near completion with all the panel walls already erected.

Those houses are built by the Venezuelans as a gift from the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela to the Government and people of Grenada.

The Government of Grenada is also contributing to that project.

Government is responsible for all the infrastructural development at Lacalome.

The settlement is expected to be completed by the end of October 2005; on completion it will be named the Simon Bolivia Complex.


This village was set up at Frequente in St Georges as a result of the interest shown by a number of regional and international companies to building houses here.

The Authority decided to set up a demonstration village so that these companies can construct a sample of the building which they would like to erect for locals.

This was done also to give our inspectors an opportunity to examine the integrity of these buildings in order to ensure that they reach standards as stipulated by Grenada Building Code Post Hurricane Ivan.

As we strive to Build Back Better we are placing serious emphasis on building in accordance with the building Code.

Another reason for having the houses constructed at the Demonstration Village is public Acceptance, since it gives the public a chance to view and decide weather or not they are interested.

Currently there are 4 companies building houses at the village, so far 6 houses are under construction with two nearing completion.


The Authority has also embarked on a project to construct houses for persons in the middle income bracket, so far 30 persons have secured loans from financial institutions and we have began work on 11 houses for persons in this category.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform the general public that all of our reconstruction programs are continuing, as we try to meet the housing needs of persons in need through out Grenada Carriacou and Pettit Martinique.

Ministry of Social Development
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