Grenada: More assistance from China

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Friday July 7th 2005, Beijing: Grenada is to receive even more assistance from China. This news follows several meetings and discussions over the last two days between officials of the Governments of China and Grenada. Today, Grenada's Prime Minister Dr. the Rt.Hon. Keith Mitchell met with China's Vice-President H.E. Zeng Qing Hong and Chinese Premier H.E. Wen Jia Bao. The Chinese leaders and the Grenadian Prime Minister discussed deepening the assistance already being provided as well as providing assistance in new areas.

China will now provide more assistance for the construction of the national stadium and the development of its environs; more help for the construction of the hospital; assistance with servicing foreign debts as well as funding for technical support to Grenada.

Prime Minister Mitchell told the Chinese Premier that Grenada needed special help because of the impact of Hurricane Ivan. He said that Grenada had enjoyed its most economically prosperous period over the last ten years, with growth rates exceeding five percent consistently. However, he stated that this changed overnight with the impact of Hurricane Ivan, and all the island's revenue generating areas were paralyzed.

Prime Minister Mitchell also spoke of the thousands who had lost their jobs through Ivan and asked for increased assistance for the people and the country in general.

The Chinese leaders expressed their sympathy and pledged China's help. Chinese Vice President H.E.

Zeng Qing Hong elaborated on China's commitment to assisting Grenada and said that China had already come to Grenada's assistance and would continue to do so.

Three cooperation agreements were signed today between Chinese officials and Grenada's Sports Minister Adrian Mitchell. These agreements focused on tourism exchange, construction of the national stadium, technical cooperation and the establishment of a Grenadian embassy in Beijing.

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