Australian Red Cross housing project in Grenada comes to an end

The bilateral housing project between the Grenada Red Cross (GRC) and Australian Red Cross (ARC) ended in September.

Following hurricanes Ivan, Emily and Dennis all of which affected Grenada in some way, the ARC which got the funds from Australian Aid (Australian Government) donated approximately US$200,000 to construct 19, three bedroom houses.

In recognition of the project the GRC held a ceremony to thank the ARC for their efforts. The ceremony took place in the presence of beneficiaries of Requin and Stone Road in St. David's, members of the diplomatic corps, government Ministers, community development officers and the media among others.

GRC Director General, Mr. Terry Charles thanked the government for their confidence in the Red Cross and encouraged the beneficiaries to take care of their "small gifts".

Minister of Health Ann David-Antoine added "A house is just a building, but a home is a place that brings up its occupants in safety and love."

She encouraged the beneficiaries to beautify their new homes with flowers and gardens. Members of the opposition party had high praise for the Red Cross for what they deemed "another project of invaluable timing and need."