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Winter Operations Cell (Updated March 21, 2016 5:12 PM)

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Arrivals and Departures:

At least 144,000 people, mostly of Afghan, Iraqi, and Syrian nationality have arrived in Greece so far in 2016. About 60 percent were women and children. Of those, more than half arrived to the island of Lesvos. Some 1,150 people a day continued to arrive in Greece from Turkey this month. Few, if any, had planned to remain in Greece. However, with the closure of the Balkan route, nearly 50,000 people remained in formal and informal camps across the country according to government information.

Condition of People:

As a result of the 18 March agreement between the EU Council and Turkey, the Greek authorities began implementing new procedures. Over the weekend, for people registered prior to 20 March, Greek authorities provided additional ferry transport from the islands of Lesvos and Chios to the mainland. Refugees and migrants arriving to the Greek islands.

and registered as of 20 March are brought from the shores to the hotspots (on the islands where hotspots are established). Authorities in Athens confirmed hotspots are being converted into closed facilities and will be managed by the Hellenic Police.

On Saturday, 19 March, Government officials in Greece signalled that the implementation of the agreement between the EU and Turkey could occur gradually, with key details still to be developed on how people arriving from Turkey will be processed. Greece is expecting some 2,300 European experts, including asylum and migration officers, as well as translators, to help implement the agreement.

Deaths at Sea:

Two children drowned near the island of Rho as their inflatable boat collided with rocks.