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Winter Operations Cell (Updated February 16, 2016 2:16 PM)

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Arrivals and Departures

Primarily due to poor weather conditions, in the past five days, the number of arrivals to the Greek islands remained significantly low with an average of 209 daily. As sea conditions are expected to calm and temperatures rise starting on 16 February, UNHCR expects a significant increase in arrival figures.
Fluctuation of the number of people arriving to the different Greek Islands as compared to previous weeks was observed, particularly with an increase of arrivals to Samos.

Condition of People

Asylum-seekers in Finland will not be repatriated to Hungary as reported by the national broadcaster Yle.

The Turkish authorities apprehended and detained 92 refugees (including 42 children and 15 women) and 8 suspected smugglers in Antalya. Hundreds of life vests, air pumps, rubber boats were discovered and seized on the bus intended for transport to the shore. This apprehension follows two similar incidents reported on Sunday 14 February, of 97 Syrian refugees, including 22 children, discovered in the trailer of a truck near the border with Bulgaria. Another case occurred close to the border with Bulgaria, with 31 Syrian refugees and the driver of the truck detained near a Turkish village.

On 15 February, Austrian authorities informed the Slovenian police that unaccompanied and separated children who arrive in Austria without any relatives will be returned to Slovenia. UNHCR is following up on relevant child protection consequences.

Deaths at Sea

None reported.