UNHCR Greece Cash Assistance (March 2018)


In March, 41,803 eligible refugees and asylum-seekers (19,478 households) received cash assistance in Greece, in 92 locations.
UNHCR provides cash assistance in Greece, as part of the ESTIA programme, funded by the European Commission. Cash assistance restores dignity and empowers asylum-seekers and refugees who can now choose how to cover their basic needs. It also contributes directly to the economy of the host community through the purchase of services and goods. UNHCR in Greece works with the Greece Cash Alliance partners the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Mercy Corps.

Demographics of Refugees and Asylum-Seekers Assisted with Cash

In total, since April 2017, 64,332 eligible individuals are estimated to have received cash assistance in Greece at least once. Eligibility is assessed on the basis of one’s date of entry in the country, legal status and current location. Of the 41,803 individuals who received cash assistance this month, 6,100 are recognized refugees. Furthermore, 41% were children, 23% were women and 36% were men. One third of all, benefiting from cash assistance, are families with an average family size of five people and above.
The amount of cash assistance distributed to each household is proportionate to the family size. It ranges between 90 euros for an individual in catered accommodation, to 550 euros for a family of seven members or more in self-catered accommodation.