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Under Pressure – How Greece is Closing in on Civil Society Organisations Working with Refugees [EN/GR]

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Humanitarian work is essential and must be protected and respected.

The Greek government is making it impossibly hard for many vital humanitarian groups to operate – but protecting the rights of vulnerable people must come first.

Greek law requires all NGOs to register with the government, but by doing so they must fulfil a host of expensive and bureaucratic obligations. This controversial law will result in a vast number of small grassroots organisations, just like the partners we support, being prevented from doing their vital work.

This Greek registration process adds to the mounting criminalisation, intimidation and restrictions placed on NGOs worldwide.

We have just released a report detailing concerns that the walls are closing in on NGOs in Greece. Drawing on survey results from 70 organisations, our report calls for these laws to be brought in line with European and international standards on the freedom of association.