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Ukraine Situation Greece Update | #2, 24 May 2022



Over 30,100 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Greece. Their main entry point is through the Bulgarian land border and the international airports of Athens and Thessaloniki. For many, the journey continues to other parts of Greece where they have friends and family. Refugees from Ukraine are primarily concerned about long-term accommodation, finding work, accessing healthcare and covering their basic needs like food and medicines. Many left behind loved ones and had traumatic experiences before coming to Greece and are in need of psychosocial support. As the majority of refugees are women and children, it is very important to help address dangers like trafficking and sexual violence for them. The Government of Greece is coordinating the response to refugees from Ukraine. UN agencies, NGOs, local authorities, civil society organizations, volunteers and the private sector are all providing support. By 19-May, 13,400 Ukrainians had received Temporary Protection in Greece, and 15,306 refugees overall had registered their applications