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Situation Update: Unaccompanied Children (UAC) in Greece (as of 28 December 2016)

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Key Facts

2,300 Estimated number of UAC currently in Greece
based on referrals to EKKA (as of 28 December)

1,256 Total number of places available in UAC shelters
(filled, pending assigned cases as of 28 Dec., including 114 vacant places in the process to be filled)

1,443 Total number of UAC on waiting list for shelter
(as of 28 December) including:
•309 in closed reception facilities
•15 in protective custody

Waiting list does not include referrals of unknown location carried out during pre-registration exercise.
Waiting list includes also separated children.

5,139 Total number of UAC referrals to EKKA from 1 Jan to 28 Dec 2016.
Out of the total:
•4,697 boys (91%)
•442 girls (9%)
•460 <14 years old (9%)

Figures dynamically change and may be adjusted based on verification by EKKA