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Refugee Trauma Initiative and Help Refugees launch a programme of support to deliver early learning and psychosocial support to refugee children all over Greece


THESSALONIKI, GREECE- Today, Refugee Trauma Initiative and Help Refugees announce the launch of the Baytna Hubs, a project to establish their successful Baytna programme at centres across Greece.

Baytna, which means ‘our home’ in Arabic, provides psychosocial support to children and their parents alongside high-quality early years education. Since its establishment in 2016, the programme has supported almost 800 refugee children and their parents. Baytna centres on creating safe spaces where families can heal, and activities designed to promote self-expression, emotional regulation and learning through play. Baytna has been featured as a model of best practice by the World Health Organisation’s Nurturing Care Framework and the UN Global Education Monitoring Report 2019.

The Hubs Project, which has been made possible with the support of Open Society Foundations, will offer NGOs in Greece a comprehensive programmes of capacity building, technical support, operational guidance and a grant of up to €25000 over a twelve-month period. RTI will work together with selected partners to create bespoke programmes of early childhood care, based on the Baytna model, that will reach hundreds of children all over Greece.

RTI’s Executive Director, Zarlasht Halaimzai, said:

“It is incredibly exciting for us to be able to expand our Baytna programme to support children and families all over Greece. Up to 80% of all refugees and migrants are estimated to experience symptoms of trauma, but only a small fraction every receive support. By working with children and parents together.”

Help Refugees said:

“The global refugee crisis has caused scars far deeper than the eye can see, but together we can create the spaces for families to rebuild and recover. We’re excited to work with RTI to expand the incredible Baytna programme, helping ease the pain for people grieving the loss of loved ones and dealing with the horrors of war.”

About Refugee Trauma Initiative

RTI is striving to set a new benchmark in mental health care for the world’s refugees. Through innovative programmes of psychosocial support, education and training, we resource refugees, aid workers and organisations with skills and tools to deal with stress, insecurity and trauma.

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