Reaching society's potential: How SolidarityNow works for a paradigm shift in integration of refugees? - Snapshot 2, June 2017

from SolidarityNow
Published on 16 Jun 2017

Can a newcoming population with different social and cultural background become a boost factor for the sustainable development of small local societies?

Local integration is a complex and gradual process with legal, social, educational and economical interdepend-encies; It imposes considerable demands on both the individual and the receiving society.

SolidarityNow (SN), along with the Municipality of Tilos, implemented a pilot project aiming at reinforcing refugees' resilience and integration potential, combined with local opportunities' growth.

Tilos is a small island of 800 inhabitants, in proximity to Rhodes and Kos, that gathers all the typical features of a local society with limited resources. Amidst the increased or dramatic 2015 flows, the inhabitants of the island demonstrated solidarity and has been the first and only local society that expressed interest in hosting refugees.