IOCC Relief Shipment To Aid Greek Earthquake Survivors

Baltimore (IOCC) - Responding to the estimated 70,000 people left homeless as a result of this week's earthquake in Athens, International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) has arranged for the transport and distribution of emergency relief supplies to aid the quake's victims. More than 5 metric tons of urgently needed equipment, including tents and emergency food supplies, have been prepared for immediate distribution to the hardest hit areas of the city.
IOCC is finalizing arrangements for transport of the emergency commodities that are currently stored in Albania. Distribution of the aid has been coordinated with the support of the Greek Office of Internal Affairs in tandem with the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Office of National Defense. The supplies have been provided to IOCC by Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the official overseas relief agency of the United States Catholic community, also based in Baltimore, Maryland. The aid is expected to reach Athens over the weekend.

"The Greek Government has been particularly supportive of IOCC's efforts to serve those in need in other areas of the world," commented IOCC executive director Constantine Triantafilou. "We are pleased to be working in cooperation with the Orthodox Church of Greece, the Greek Government, and Catholic Relief Services to provide relief in this time of need for the victims of this disaster in Greece."

As the dust settles from the earthquake that struck on September 7, engineers conducting inspections in the Aharnes (Menidi), Ilion (Liosia), and Thrakomakedones districts of Athens have marked more than 1,000 structures, including many homes, for demolition. Meanwhile, those left homeless have been trying to cope with rain that has been soaking makeshift shelters.

The trembler that struck Athens measured 5.9 on the Richter scale struck just miles from IOCC's office.

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