Greece: Wildfires Revised Emergency Appeal n° MDRGR003


In October 2018, the Governing Board of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) voted to suspend the membership of the Hellenic Red Cross. The suspension of membership will come into force on 1 January 2019 if Hellenic Red Cross (HRC) is unable to address concerns related to its governance. Due to this decision, there was a need to develop a transition plan to phase out IFRC support to the wildfires operation by the end of the 2018. This revision is issued to reduce the EA budget to CHF 814,000 (multilateral funding) and revise the timeline from nine months downwards to five months. As a change to the original Emergency Plan of Action, bilateral contributions (HRC funding) will no longer be included in the appeal.

This Revised Emergency Appeal of 814,000 Swiss francs has enabled the IFRC to contribute to the HRC response to wildfires, targeting up to 2,500 people out of the 8,000 people aimed by HRC programmes until December 2018.

The response focus on the following areas: Health; Livelihoods and Basic Needs; Protection, Gender and Inclusion; and National Society Capacity Enhancement. Details are available in the Revised Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA).

The Hellenic Red Cross overall plan of action has been enlarged to reflect bilateral contributions (HRC funding), and further assessment of the situation. Despite the upcoming suspension, HRC will continue to implement this operation outside the framework of an IFRC emergency appeal; HRC staff and volunteers remain fully committed to continue addressing the needs of affected individuals and communities. Details on the overall plan of HRC’s operation can be found in the annex to the EPoA (‘NS PoA’).