Greece: Veria Site Snapshot (2 February 2018)

from Norwegian Refugee Council
Published on 02 Feb 2018

- 229 residents in the site of Veria, as of 2nd of February 2018, all registered.
- 10 new arrivals were received throughout January from Samos and Evros border crossing. They were all provided with food and non-food items by NRC Shelter/WASH team.
- 2 residents departed spontaneously, 2 under accommodation scheme and 2 were transferred to other facility in the context of family reunification.
- Protection services, including Legal Assistance and Asylum Information are still provided by UNHCR, DRC, and EASO.
- IRC is handling Psychosocial Support and Child Protection. Sexual/Gender-Based Violence or any other Protection cases are referred to UNHCR.
- Healthcare Services are provided by Kitrinos with support from KEELPNO (public health actor). 15 children were vaccinated. 3 women gave birth throughout January.
- The formal Kindergarten of MoE (Ministry of Education) is operating daily on site. Children aged 6-17 attend public schools in Veria and Vergina.
- NRC Shelter/WASH program are continuously maintaining the facilities and infrastructure of the site.
- IFRC started remote certification for cash-cards receivers, but is still providing helpdesk services on site for questions and information.
- NRC SMS arranged elections for community representatives. Gender balance and equal representation for all residing ethnicities were achieved. The elected committee received Code of Conduct, as well as Roles and Responsibilities training.
- NRC SMS invited A21 to do Human Trafficking Prevention Info- Sessions “Be Safe, Stay Safe” for the beneficiaries, in the context of Protection and capacity building activities.
- NRC SMS arranged regular women-only fitness classes every Monday and Friday.
- KEELPNO, UNHCR and NRC SMS are holding women-only discussion groups for teenagers every Friday.
- UNHCR held an SGBV training for all actors.
- NRC SMS provided desktop computer and printer for the community office.
- No complaints were found in the Suggestion Box, installed by NRC SMS, throughout January.