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Greece: Veria Site Snapshot (2 December 2017)



  • 225 residents living in the site of Veria, as of 31 November.
  • 3 new arrivals were received throughout November from Lesvos and Evros border crossing. They were all provided with food and non-food items by NRC Shelter team and Bridge.
  • 12 residents departed spontaneously and 3 under accommodation scheme.
  • Protection services, including Legal Assistance and Asylum Information are still being provided by UNHCR, DRC, and EASO.
  • IRC is still handling PSS and CP. All WP / SGBV or any other protection referrals are referred to UNHCR.
  • Ministry of Education Coordinator has registered students in primary and secondary school. MoE has also arranged for the community space on site to operate as a kindergarten and will begin once teachers have been recruited.
  • Kitrinos Healthcare started providing medical services. They are also providing additional trainings, such as: Antenatal training, fitness classes, first-aid training, and women awareness sessions.
  • NRC Shelter team is continuously maintaining the heating system, which operates for a total of 10 non-consecutive hours. Also, Diapers, baby wipes, and high & medium-thermal blankets were distributed.
  • NRC has implemented a feedback and complaint mechanism. All information related has been translated to Arabic and placed on the site’s info-boards.
  • 30 Municipal workers from different departments have started operating on site. NRC SMS conducted a training on basic Humanitarian concepts and Code of Conduct and a workshop to introduce them to the site-services.
  • NRC SMS facilitated the renewal of the site Community Committee and ensured gender balance and equal representation of different population groups among the new members.