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Greece: Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) - Sector Achievements Dashboard Jan - April 2017

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for prevention of and response to sexual and gender based violence were developed among the main actors. They were developed through a collaborative process that includes UN agencies, government and non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations. The SOPs are specific procedures and agreements among organizations that reflect the plan of action and individual organizations’ roles and responsibilities An Advocacy paper on “Practical Shelter and Site planning measures to mitigate the risk of sexual and gender-based violence” was developed together with the Shelter WG. It included the minimum activities shelter and site planning actors should take into consideration in the context of a refugee and migration response in Greece A document, with Q&A on the legal framework related to SGBV was developed to support SGBV actors and other partners understand the laws and policies in place in Greece related to SGBV. The main topic covered were: the crimes related to sexual and gender based violence and how are they punished according to Greek Law; How specific forms of violence against Children are punished; is there an obligation to report crimes related to SGBV; the Professional Confidentiality and exceptions to this obligation; How to report a crime and/ or press charges before the Authorities (Police); Can PoCs be provided with legal Aid for alleged SGBV cases; What is the Legal aid scheme for women victims of violence in the framework of the Counseling Centers of the GSGE.

A participatory assessment with LGBTI persons was organized to understand their protection concerns. LGBTI persons have indicated having been subjected to violence due to their sexual orientation and gender identity. Many are suffering from multiple layers of discrimination. A service mapping was developed to increase response to incidents related to LGBTI. A training was also organized on protection of LGBTI persons, notably on effective and respectful interactions, and eliciting relevant information in an effective way that preserves dignity and humanity, by encouraging the use of correct terminology; discussing the unique protection challenges and vulnerabilities LGBTI people face, and identifying appropriate prevention, mitigation and response actions.

The SGBV WG started a project on increasing participation of persons of concerns in the evaluation of service provision. A one-day workshop was organized, gathering the main international and international organizations providing services to SGBV survivors in context of migration in Greece. The members developed the new modalities of evaluation of the SGBV services and service providers, and by the survivors themselves.

More than 300 staff working in UNHCR Accommodation Scheme were trained on SGBV prevention and response and on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and abuse (PSEA) from humanitarian actors.