Greece: Population Movement - Emergency Appeal (MDRGR001) Final report

Appeal history:

● 22 May 2015: CHF 296,549 was released from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to meet the immediate needs of 10,000 migrants arriving in the islands of Rhodes, Kos, Chios, Lesvos, Samos and Crete.

● 24 July 2015: DREF Operations Update was issued

● 2 September 2015: Emergency Appeal was launched for CHF 3.03 million to assist 45,000 beneficiaries, prioritising the islands of Lesvos, Samos, Kos, capital city of Athens and the border area between Greece and former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

● 21 October 2015: Based on continuous monitoring and assessment of the situation, Emergency Appeal Revision n° 1 was issued for CHF 12.67 million to assist 200,000 beneficiaries in islands of Lesvos, Samos, Kos, Chios, the capital city of Athens and Idomeni as crossing point to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. DREF funds were also reimbursed.

● 7 December 2015: Operations Update n° 1 was issued with a revised budget of CHF 13,172,336

● 20 January 2016: Operations Update n° 2 was issued to extend the operational timeframe to September 2016 and report on implementation progress

● 11 May 2016: Emergency Appeal Revision n° 2 was issued as a result of some key developments - closure of borders and the EU-Turkey agreement. The revision included an increase in the budget to CHF 28,667,500 and an extended timeframe up to 31 March 2017

● 1 July 2016: Operations Update n° 3 was issued to report on implementation progress

● 7 October 2016: Operations Update n° 4 was issued to report on implementation progress

● 20 January 2017: Operations Update n° 5 was issued to extend the operational timeframe to December 2017 and increase the budget to CHF 31,531,458

● 22 March 2017: Emergency Appeal Revision n° 3 was issued with budget adjusted to CHF 50.6 million and operation timeframe extended to June 2018

● 14 July 2017: Operations Update n° 6 was issued to report on implementation progress

● 20 December 2017: Operations Update n° 7 was issued to report on implementation progress

● January 2018: Operational plan for Greece was issued, to support longer-term programmes

● May 2018: Operational Update n 8 was issues to extend the appeal timeframe until the end of December 2018

● September – October 2018: A final evaluation was conducted to assess the relevance and effectiveness of all activities under this appeal. The final report was published in February 2019.

● November 2018: Operational plan for 2019 was issued

● December 2018: Emergency Appeal is closed

From January 2015 until December 2018, 1,092,3882 million have entered Greece by sea; being one of the major routes into Europe.

Since the beginning, the Hellenic Red Cross, together with support of the IFRC and Partner National Societies and in collaboration with the Greek government and other humanitarian actors, has been responding to meeting the needs of migrants on the Greek islands and mainland, mainly in relief (including cash assistance), healthcare, psychosocial support, and water and sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH). In keeping with the fundamental principles of Red Cross, community engagement featured as an integral factor in the design and delivery of Red Cross programmes where possible. Photo cred: IFRC, Spanish RC, Hellenic RC The appeal was revised three times to adapt the operation to the changing nature of the context. The appeal was fully funded.

Partners or donors who have any questions in regard to this balance are kindly requested to contact Louise Daintrey-Hall at the IFRC Regional Office for Europe (phone: +36 1 888 4507; email: within 30 days of publication of this final report