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Greece: Communication With Community - Sector Achievements Dashboard Jan - April 2017

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In January, extensive support was provided for the dissemination of information about the updated schedule of registration appointments at the Asylum Service. Support included processing the rescheduled full-lodging appointment data from the Asylum Service; to dispatch individualised SMS messages to all POC whose appointments were brought forward; preparation of suitable updated lists for the online Search Tool which is successfully used by many POC; and the provision of data for the scheduling of transportation by UNHCR; liaison with the Asylum Service and CWC partners to ensure that updated information was widely distributed through information networks, including through the production of online information and Q&As, and via social media networks. By the end of March the majority of those POC who pre-registered in the exercise of June-July 2016 were fully registered.

In January through March, UNHCR implemented the distribution in formal sites and urban accommodation locations on the mainland of 15,000 mini-lexicons that were produced by the Swiss Embassy with UNHCR, MetaDrasi and EADAP. The mini-lexicon tool facilitates day-to-day communication between refugees and migrants who are in Greece, with native Greek or English-speaking persons, including service providers and is complemented by a folder of corresponding instruction to service providers (100 in total). It was produced in Arabic, Farsi, Sorani, Kurmanji, Urdu and French. In March, UNHCR arranged for a reprint in order to extend the distribution to the islands and to the Greek Asylum Service who requested multiple copies.

In April, UNHCR launched a Help website to provide information to refugees and asylum seekers in Greece. Translation of all content for UNHCR’s official help web platform was completed in March. After extensive language accuracy checks and verification, the HELP site was launched in English, Arabic, Farsi, French and Greek. It provides extensive, up to date and accurate information about legal procedures, rights and obligations for refugees and asylum seekers in Greece, as well as advice about living in Greece.