Greece: Alexandria Site Snapshot 2nd September 2017

from Norwegian Refugee Council
Published on 02 Sep 2017


As of September 2nd there were 268 residentsthere living in Alexandria site. 87 residents departed the site for urban accommodation or relocation or family reunification in other countries. 105 new arrivals were received throughout August, from Chios, Lesvos and Samos islands and from Evros border crossing. Each household transferred to Alexandria is provided with food and non-food items by NRC. Kindergarten activities for pre-school age children were provided by KEELPNO/Philos throughout August while summer classes for children and adults were provided by NRC. Health services on site are provided by the St. Elizabeth Slovak Medical team and KEELPNO/Philos. Dental services were provided by visiting practitioners in August. A number of protection services are provided in Alexandria, including a Safe Zone for unaccompanied Minors, run by IRC, Legal Assistance by DRC, liaison with the Greek Asylum Service and general Protection coordination by UNHCR, and Mental Health Psychosocial Support, provided by IRC. Water, sanitation and shelter/infrastructure maintenance are carried out by NRC.

In August, NRC worked with residents of the site to identify individuals interested in forming a Camp Committee. 15 women and men attended a Code of Conduct training for potential Committee members. Further training will be provided in September to help launch the Committee in functioning as an interest group for residents, to improve consultation and communication between residents and agencies working on site.