Greece: Alexandria Site Snapshot 2nd November 2017

from Norwegian Refugee Council
Published on 02 Nov 2017


  • 193 residents living in the site of Alexandria as of November 2nd

  • There were 19 new arrivals

  • There were 97 departures in total: 35 spontaneous departures, 61 under the urban accommodation scheme and 1 under the relocation scheme.

  • NRC in coordination with IOM & at the request of the MoMP began the relocation of the camp population inside the site to facilitate space for site works

  • Winterization preparedness works were completed. Drainage network has been tested and roof gutters cleaned.
    Water network insulation has been checked and fixed. A/C’s in Alexandria pending maintenance due to contain er relocation works and will start as soon as works are completed. Regular electrical, plumbing and general maintenance at containers/communal spaces (changing lights, fixing sockets, checking WASH facilities, changing of locks, fixing doors and windows) was conducted as well

  • NRC distributed diapers and baby wipes. Also medium and high thermal blankets and bed linen as part of the winterization preparedness.
    Also distributed food rations for new arrivals and cash up failures cases (in coordination with UNHCR and IFRC)

  • Apostoli Agapis distributed winter clothes to the whole camp population

  • WAHA, since 30th of October, is the new health actor in the camp replacing St Elizabeth University Medical Team

  • NRC organized and conducted a day trip to Kilkis Cave for the students of NRC non formal education program in camp