Greece Accommodation Update – July 2019

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Jul 2019 View Original


By the end of July 2019, UNHCR had created 25,265 places in the accommodation scheme as part of the ESTIA programme. These were in 4,426 apartments and 14 buildings, in 14 cities and 6 islands across Greece.

The Accommodation Scheme1 provides rented housing to vulnerable asylum-seekers and refugees in Greece. Urban accommodation helps restore a sense of normalcy and provides better access to services, including education and health. People are additionally supported by social workers and interpreters who help them access medical services, employment, language courses and recreational activities.

25,265 Number of accommodation places

4,440 Number of units

98% Occupancy rate


In total, since November 2015, 59,414 individuals have benefitted from the accommodation scheme. 21,685 people were accommodated as of the end of July 2019, 7,336 of whom are recognized refugees. 50% of the residents are children. The clear majority of those accommodated are families, with the average family size of five people. More than one in three residents have at least one of the vulnerabilities that make them eligible for the accommodation scheme. The three most common vulnerabilities are:

11% Serious medical condition

3% Single parent

3% Disability