Child Protection - Chios (January 2022)


Child Protection – Chios RIC

Children Population: developments, data and mobility

 Drop rate overview:
100 (estim. total)/ 60 (RIC) in Jan 2022 600 (estim. total)/ 500 (RIC) in Jan 2021
1350 (estim. total)/ 1150 (RIC) in Jan 2020

-Low number of arrivals, as of 15 March 2020
-High number of transfers to the mainland
-Swifter transfer of UAC to shelters in the mainland

Child Protection actors: competence and gaps

-PRAKSIS (UNHCR IP): case management (incl. legal aid & BIAs) for children at risk/within families and separated children – with reduced capacity (staff)
-IOM: management of UAC area, incl. case management activities – (currently 14 UAC)
-METAdrasi Guardian: representation of UAC, incl. Police/Frontex registration, legal aid/interview preparation & BIAs, possible extension until Feb 2022
-METAdrasi Shelter for UAC: 18 capacity – 17 occupancy – 11 staff -RIS UASC Unit: administrative case management – 3 staff – recently unified with GBV unit/turned into «Vulnerabilities & UASC Unit»
-Cross-cutting challenge: reduced interpretation staff