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Activityinfo - Step By Step Guide, Sector Activities 2016 - Inter-Sector Coordination

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This Document details the steps required for all partners and agencies to follow to review and add information on sector activities available for POCs and host community.


Activity Info is an online humanitarian monitoring tool, which helps humanitarian organizations to collect, manage, map and analyze indicators according to a specific sector objective, output and indicators. ActivityInfo has been developed to simplify reporting and allow real time monitoring. It facilitate data Entry and reports generation (charts, maps, pivot tables and custom reports).

Advantages of Activity info

  • Track sector activities all across Greece (mainland and island) in a standards applicable system that will ensure inter-operable approaches to data collection and analysis.
  • Reduce duplication of efforts locations and show locations that are not receiving adequate coverage.
  • Facilitate monitoring of responses under and outside of the RRMRP through a unified database for collection of information on activities, response and gaps.
  • Produce data analysis and reports.
  • Accessible to any organization in any location in Greece who is part of the emergency response.
  • Partners spend less time reporting and donors can view real-time information.
  • Easy data entry – no technical or advanced computer skills are necessary.
  • Complete integration of your data with GIS.
  • Maintain an overview of activity progress in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Greater capacity for analysis of trends and gaps.

Information Captured

  • Locations, types of activities, performance indicators and progress towards sectors targets.
  • Type of groups assisted (Refugees, Migrants and Host Community).
  • 4Ws data: who; when; where, and what.
  • Funded project under RRMRP and outside RRMRP.