UNICEF Ghana Humanitarian Situation Report No. 21 - August 2021


Situation Overview - Highlights

Ghana recorded over 120,000 COVID-19 cases and passed 1,000 official death mark in August 2021, as the Delta strain has been ushering the country into a third wave.

A total of 177,600 Johnson and Johnson vaccines from the African Union’s African Vaccine Acquisition Trust arrived on 8 August, and 249,000 Astra-Zeneca vials donated by the UK Government on 17 August.

Despite progress after extensive advocacy by African Governments, the UN and other partners, less than 3 per cent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is able to access vaccines and only 2 per cent of Ghanaians are fully vaccinated.

In August, parts of the Upper West region were affected by floods, resulting in roads cut off and schools closed, with limited access to basic services.

In close cooperation with the UN Country Team, UNICEF continues to work with the Government's overall response to the COVID-19 pandemic and other critical humanitarian risks across the sectors below, reaching the most vulnerable children and adolescents.

Situation in Numbers

31 million people at risk of COVID-19 (total population)

2.4 million people

1.4 million children to be reached in the response

120 ,452 confirmed cases

112,460 recoveries

1,052 deaths

16 regions (all regions)

1.4 million children accessing education services