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Ghana: Factsheet March/April 2022


937 Ivorian refugees assisted to voluntarily repatriate to Cote dÍvoire between March-April 2022.

354 refugee youth complete entrepreneurship training to boost their livelihood outcomes.

Trainings held for GRB officials on exemption procedures.

Main Activities

  • UNHCR with the support of the UNHCR Regional Bureau, Dakar, organized three trainings in collaboration with the Ghana Refugee Board (GRB) during the reporting period. The trainings were aimed at ensuring a functional, fair, and efficient Refugee Status Determination system including the effective implementation of exemption procedures by government for the Ivorian refugees. In all, about 54 persons including Board members and staff of the GRB and members of the Appeals Committee of the Ministry of the Interior had their capacity built in areas such as Refugee Status Determination and Exemption procedures.

  • Between March and April, six Voluntary Repatriation movements to Cote D’Ivoire were successfully carried out jointly with the GRB. In all 937 refugees were assisted to voluntarily return safely to Cote d’Ivoire.

  • Officials of the Ghana Refugee Board were in all three Ivorian camps within the reporting period to register Ivorians who chose to be exempted from cessation of their status to undergo an exemption application exercise. The exemption application exercise is a prerequisite to an exemption interview.