Ghana: Explosion in Apeate - Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA), DREF Operation n° MDRGH017


A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

On 20 January 2022, a large blast occurred in an area at Apeate community, near the city of Bogoso about 300km (180 miles) west of the capital of Ghana, Accra. The explosion occurred when a motorcycle went under a truck carrying explosives that was en route to the gold mine at Bogoso. After the blasts, people in the community rushed down to the scene when a second blast occurred few minutes later. This resulted in the destruction of dozens of buildings.

As of 26 January, a total of 17 people had been confirmed dead, and some 59 injured people rescued and referred to Bogoso Government Hospital where they are receiving treatment. As of 26 January, 3,300 persons (1,122 males and 2,178 females) have been affected by the event, excluding those who were at the various health centers.

Reports from the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) indicates that 500 buildings have been destroyed by the blasts and approximately 1,500 people are now homeless. The explosion blew-off major roads in the area, with many commuters getting stranded due to the situation. Schools, markets and other services at community level were equally impacted, disrupting activities as children can no longer go to school and community members have lost their livelihoods.

The Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly has set up a relief center at the Catholic Church Parish Hall in Bogoso which is hosting the displaced people, and the Government through the Municipal Chief Executive of Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly has issued a statement highlighting the need for assistance including temporary shelter, food items and medical needs. The government is taking full charge of the medical bills of the injured while the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, mining companies and other non-profit organizations have provided cash (undisclosed amounts) and in-kind donations to the Municipal assembly, as a contribution to support relief actions.