Vocational trainings for vulnerable IDPs in Georgia (2011)

On February 2011 we have launched the project of vocational training for internally displaced people from the region of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The aim of the project is to assist vulnerable IDPs in improving their income and employment prospects. During the period of one year we will train 110 – 130 vulnerable IDPs in 8 training groups with the aim to improve their employment and income-generation options. The training participants will be IDPs from Tbilisi and Tserovani (the largest IDPs settlement in Georgia).

Workshops will be organized in the following main topics: business skills and vocational skills (food preparation; Business English/elementary English; PC skills). Four rounds of training are expected to be organized in one year. Business skills/Food preparation will include the outline of small-business plans. Successful 7-8 applicants will receive the contribution of EUR 700 per plan. During the implementation of the project and at the end of the project we will monitor the economic viability of supported micro-businesses and the employment rate of successful graduates from courses (including monitoring of the gender break-up of trainees in each course).

The project is implemented with close cooperation with Hungarian relief and development organization Hungarian Baptist Aid and charity partner from Georgia, Betheli Humanitarian Association in Georgia.

Project is financed by International Visegrad Fund.