The Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on "elections" in Abkhazia, Georgia

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12 December, Tbilisi

The occupant regime, which has been established on the occupied territory of Georgia, namely in Abkhazia, is putting up another show titled "presidential elections," in which the creature, selected by Moscow long ago, will be announced "president" of the proxy regime.

Undoubtedly, these so-called elections, and other similar types of farces, are illegal and unreservedly lack legitimacy. It is impossible to find any sort of justification for this episode in lieu of the prevalent conditions, when ethnic cleansing took place several times on this territory of Georgia, resulting in =BE of indigenous populations expelled and their property seized and robbed. Thereby, the banished Georgians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Greeks, Azerbaijanis, Estonians and others cannot exercise their right to partake in determining the future of their homeland. Under these circumstances, the act of holding any sort of the so-called elections is not only fraudulent by nature, but also constitutes an act of sacrilege.

In addition, it has to be duly noted that the remaining part of the population on the territory of Abkhazia is deprived of any fundamental rights and freedoms, which have furthermore become a subject of gross violations on a massive scale - whether it concerns their rights to receive education in a native language, or their freedom of movement. Even in cases when the issue is providing healthcare or medical treatment to the local population, the proxy regime and their patrons do not allow the residents of the occupied regions to cross the line of occupation.

It is widely acknowledged that the report produced by the so-called "Tagliavini Commission" unequivocally states that the so-called "independence" declared by the proxy regimes of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, along with their "recognition," is outright illegal and confronts categorically with the universally recognized principles and norms of international law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia appeals to all members of the international community to give a proper assessment to another farce conducted in one of the occupied regions of Georgia, and to continue steadily the non-recognition policy with reference to these regions.