NPA Completes General Landmine Action Assessment of Georgia

In a handover ceremony on the 28th January 2010, NPA formally presented the Georgian Ministry of Defence with the report covering the Georgian General Landmine Action Assessment (GMAA).

With funding from Hungary and the Czech Republic, through the International Trust Fund for Demining and Victim Assistance (ITF), NPA conducted a general landmine action assessment (GMAA) of Georgia over a four month period from October 2009 to January 2010.

The GMAA report provides the Georgian Ministry of Defence with an overview of the landmine and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) problem in Georgia. The GMAA identified Hazardous Areas inherited from the collapse of the USSR, allowing the Georgian Government to prioritise clearance sites in line with its national strategy and allocate clearance resources as required. During the handover the NPA Programme Manager in Georgia, Mr Jonathon Guthrie, thanked the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for their support to the Project, specifically in allowing the GMAA Team access to military establishments. Without this support, the full extent of the contamination would not have been identified.

At the completion of the GMAA, NPA provided training to the MOD on an Introduction to GMAA and Survey Techniques in the name of capacity building.

The ITF signed an MOU with Georgia for Humanitarian Mine Action Assistance on the 23rd October 2008. Since then the ITF has provided support to develop Georgia's national capacity through training personnel, providing advice on structural development and support with regards to Victim Assistance.