Mine injures Russian serviceman, Georgian policemen in S.Ossetia

Mine explosion near the village of Kurta in the South Ossetian conflict zone badly injured one Russian peacekeeper on June 17. Two Georgian policemen were lightly wounded.

Earlier statement by Chief of the Georgia's Shida Kartli Police Department Vladimer Jugeli that one Russian peacekeeper was killed in the mine explosion did not prove valid.

The incident occurred while the Georgian law enforcers in cooperation with the Russian peacekeepers were trying to recover a body of a Georgian man, who was missing since June 15.

Reportedly, 76-year-old Gogi Kakhniashvili, whom the peacekeepers and Georgian law enforcers were searching for, died in a mine explosion.

According to the breakaway South Ossetian Press and Information Committee these area near the Georgian village of Kurta was mined by the Georgian side during the armed clashes between the Georgian and Ossetian troops last August.


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