Georgia/Abkhazia: National Security Council; Framework Agreement

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National Security Council discussed Abkhazian issue
(Tbilisi, January 11, 2003. Civil Georgia) - In the wake of discussion of situation in Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia by the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security on January 10, the Georgian National Council (NSC) also discussed the issue late on the same day.

Foreign Minister Irakli Menagharishvili told the reporters after the meeting that the granting of Russian citizenship to the population living in Abkhazia and reopening of the railway connection between Russia and Abkhazia were the top issues discussed by the National Security Council.

The Chief of the Intelligence Service Avtandil Ioseliani said, "NSC also discussed the possible measures that should be implemented in response to the Russia's unilateral moves towards Abkhazia."

Authorities stated after the meeting that the criminal situation in the country was also discussed at the meeting.

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Georgia Calls Russia to Resume Talks on Framework Agreement

(Tbilisi, January 11, 2003. Civil Georgia) - Georgian Foreign Minister Irakli Menagharashvili stated at the news briefing on January 10 that Georgia is ready to resume talks on framework agreement with Russia and called Moscow for reciprocal move.

"The agreement should be the bases for solving all the problems that exists in relations between Georgia and Russia; especially the Abkhazian issue and the problem of the withdrawal of the Russian military bases from Georgia," Irakli Menagharishvili said.

Georgia and Russian signed a framework agreement about friendship, peaceful relationship and cooperation on November 3, 1994. Georgian Parliament ratified the document but Russian Duma Council refused to ratify it somehow. The talks on drafting the new framework agreement was terminated last year.

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