Georgia: Tbilisi calls for protection human rights in Gali

The Office of Georgian State Minister for Conflict Resolution Issues Giorgi Khaindrava sent an appeal to international organizations, as well as to the representatives of the UN Secretary General's Group of Friends, requesting them to assist in protecting human rights in the predominately Georgian-populated district of Gali, in breakaway Abkhazia.

The statement, issued on July 13, says that the crime situation in the Gali district is extremely grave and "the facts of abductions, robberies and money extortion are too frequent."

On July 9 four buses carrying members of the local population were robbed in the Gali district. "The Abkhaz side has numerously declared that it could improve the crime situation independently, however the latest incident once again proves the necessity for urgent intervention," the statement reads.

Tbilisi has numerously urged for the opening of a UN human rights office in Gali, however Abkhaz de facto President Sergey Bagapsh said on June 15 that he does not deem it necessary to open it in Gali, since "the Abkhaz leadership independently takes measures to protect the rights of its citizens living there."


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