Georgia: Renovation of kindergarten in Zugdidi

UNOMIG continued to engage in humanitarian assistance projects to address the needs of the local population in its area of responsibility. In September 2008, UN Police renovated and refurbished a kindergarten in the District Tsalendzhikha (Zugdidi Sector) with the support of the German Government.

In March 2008 UN Police Advisers - Mr. Ingo BAUER and Ms. Bettina BALTER (representatives of Germany) at a meeting with the German Ambassador received support for the implementation of joint humanitarian projects in the Mission's Area of Responsibility.

The renovation phase was completed on 1 September 2008. The renovation works encompassed repairs of a building structure, expansion of rooms, electric wiring, and wood works, distempering and installation of kitchen items.

The kindergarten was handed over to its administration and has become operational since 15 September 2008. Ms. Lamara DARSANIA, director of a kindergarten rendered valuable assistance during the whole process.

At the opening ceremony of kindergarten ?6 of Tsalendzhikha the representatives of UNOMIG, local authorities and kindergarten administration were present. Children received gifts from a group of UN Police Advisers of Zugdidi Sector.

The renovation of the kindergarten is yet another example of successful UNOMIG - German cooperation in addressing the needs of the local population.